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Financial Reports Made Easy

Our extensive experience and knowledge of integrating with market leading accounting software means we can add immediate value to your business. 

Robust and secure integration to SAGE, SAP, Chorus, QuickBooks and ORION enables us to provide the right solution for your business. 

EnhancedBI Accounting Connections

  • Finance and Accounting Connections 
  • Seamlessly integrate SMART UI into your existing Accounting System. 
  • Avoid surprises by using accurate source data with financial data analytics. 
  • Empowering people to challenge assumptions and make better decisions. 
  • SMART UI’s Dynamic Views are easy to read, and its pre-built reports are simple to run and schedule. 
  • Spend less time collecting financial and operational data and more time reviewing your business to create scenarios to growth and expansion. 

Putting You in Control

  • SMART UI will integrate with any Finance and Accounting Software. 
  • Custom and pre-built reports putting you in control or your own information. 
  • Security level access enables the right person to view the right data and protect the business’s sensitive data. 
  • With GDPR coming in as a high priority, SMART UI ensures your GDPR compliances are met.