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EBI Notify

EBI Notify On Phone

EBI Notify!

EBI Notify meets the ever-growing demands of a business as Smart Phones become the commercial platform of choice.  It’s available for download from the App Store and Google Play for both iPhone and Android Smart Phones.

EBI Notify keeps you in reach of business-critical information as and when it occurs wherever you are.

EBI Notify receives data from a SMART-UI Module that is configured to then send specific information to designated Smart Phones within your business.

Be the first to know

Being informed is being involved.

EBI Notify ensures you and your team receives important information helping your business run more effectively and efficiently.

Be there to welcome a returning ViP or Club Member on their birthday when they swipe into a venue.

Operational and/or financial performance sent direct to your Smart Phone each morning keeping you up to date and ahead of the day.

Be alerted to a vehicle’s arrival in a car park using ANPR software.

EBI Notify can take any data from any system and keep your business updated and informed whilst you’re on the move.