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New Secure Shared Folders

New Secure Shared Folders

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released.

The changes are:

– added the ability to define additional Shared Folders and customize their security


This new feature can be found here (Administrative panel -> Security):

Shared Folder - Admin

The “Shared Folders” (1) option allows you to add/edit/delete Shared Folders.

Shared Folder - Admin - 1

Shared Folder – Admin – 1

The “Shared Folder Security” (2) option allows you to define which users can access which Shared Folders.

Shared Folder - Admin - 2

Shared Folder – Admin – 2


This latest addition will enable our customers to create secure folders where groups of defined users can access the files therein – this is in addition to the global Shared folder already in existence.