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SmartUI – App automation update

SmartUI – App automation update

The latest version of EnhncedBI (Smart UI) has been released.

The changes are:

– added the “allow usage in Dictionaries” option to Table Visuals

– added confirmation message shown when closing the browser while running an EP or LP within the EP/LP Designer or the User Process panel

The new Table Visual feature enables you to (basically) use a Table Visual like a regular SQL table in ST-based Dictionaries. Once a Table Visual is allowed to be used in Dictionaries, it displays a database icon.

This enables you to use a Dynamic View to slice (sort and select) your data and then set this as a criteria to be used dynamically, for example, if this was set to message (via the EBI messaging app) your managers when a delivery was outside the predefined criteria (i.e. late) – or when a person from a specific group signed in (key employee alert). It could also be used to inform your IT team if a process step failed in an LP immediately (and faster then e-mail).

The EBI Messaging app will be enhanced as we move forward, and many more uses will be made available.