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Homescreen Tile with Data

24/7 Performance Figures

Now you can review all of your key performance figures directly from the HomeScreen at any time -you are in control. As you can see, any negative numbers are automatically highlighted in red.

Colour Matrix Visual

At a glance indication of performance

Here is another way to see, using our Matrix Visual, at a glance, how you are doing in your business or club.


EBI Updates

The latest updates to Enhanced BI (Smart-UI) have been released. The changes are: – added the ability to set a negative colour in Card Visuals – added the ability to change font size in Table Visuals – added a page count indicator to Table Visuals – fixed an issue with sorting data by renamed fields…
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Smart-UI updates

The latest Version of EBI’s Smart-UI (EnhancedBI) has been released. The changes are: – added the ability to unpin a Visual from certain Dynamic View (DV) pages – this is useful where you have a Dynamic View with multple pages and you want to duplicate slicers on most (but not all) pages. Just select ‘Pin…
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EBI’s Smart-Ui Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-Ui  has been released. The changes are: – Added a static HomeScreen Group called “New Tiles” for storing newly pinned tiles – this will make it easier to see which are the new tiles, before allocating to the correct HomeScreen Group – Added a page number indicator to Table Visuals…
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Smart-UI Dynamic View Updates

The latest version of EBI’s Smart-UI has the following changes: – added the ability to edit dates with time in the Smart Table editor – enhanced date handling with time in the Table, Slicer and Chart Visuals – enhanced the functionality of expanding Date-based rows in Matrix Visuals – enhancd the localisation of date display…
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Smart UI Updates

The latest version of EnhancedBI (Smart UI)  has been released. The changes are: – added image files to the resulting .XOB file when exporting Dynamic Views with Image Visuals – this enables the Export/Import of the Dynamic View from system to system (very useful for our partners) – added the ability to add all the…
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EnhancedBI Update

The latest version of EBI has the following changes: – Enhanced the exporting the contents of a Smart Table to an .XOB file to accomodate ST’s with a large number of fields – Enhanced the detection of the IIS Static Content feature where it is missing from an installation – Enhanced the recreating of LP…
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SMARTUI Pack Update

The latest version of EnhancedBI has been released, this updates the ‘Pack Delivery’ and adds the ability to update an installed Dynamic View pack without losing security settings, HomeScreen tiles, mobile access or schedules. This assists our customers and agents where they centrally create/manage the Dynamic View packs and deliver these to multiple users/locations. This…
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