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BJ’s Bingo

“BJ’s Bingo is a family business tracing its entertainment heritage back to the1950’s. Our business has evolved and stood the test of time through innovation and keeping ahead of the curve to ensure our customers have the greatest and most engaging experience possible.  At the heart of helping us review customer engagement and trends, is data.  We installed SMART-UI in 2019 and have worked closely with the team at EBI Software to create a set of Dashboards that really work for us.  It’s integrated with our business software and its dynamic reporting can produce very accurate reports very quickly.  We use the predictive modelling module a lot to forecast admissions and plan our resourcing accordingly, and this feature makes us very efficient. We use SMART-UI as an accurate reporting tool to plan precise and targeted promotions and campaigns driven though our membership system, and it works superbly for us.”

Lee Rich Operations Manager

Jack Pott's Bingo Ireland

As Ireland’s largest bingo operator, analysing data is critical to securing our membership and to our growth.   It’s paramount that we understand our customers and their wants and needs to encourage a high return rate. We rolled out a series of SMART-UI modules from EBI Software in 2019, and its Membership Module integrated with our membership software has proven invaluable.  It enables us to report year on year and period by period variances at a turnaround pace not seen before.  And its dynamic reporting feature provides us with a very responsive feel to our business saving us a lot of time otherwise spent on data collation and analysis.  We run all our promotional campaigns through our membership software using qualified data analysis tools within SMART-UI’s modules, and SMART-UI then tells us very quickly how we’ve performed to plan and budget.  The EBI team are always talking to us and looking at ways to develop new modules and features, and in return we’ve trialled some really interesting concepts which have benefitted both parties.”

Darren Butler Chief Operating Officer