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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

After having many calls with industry colleagues over recent days, we at EBI got to work over on something new.  We’ve gathered our thoughts and focussed our efforts towards developing a new feature for our SMART UI software.  This new feature is a Contingency Planning Module.  It’s designed to help our SMART UI Bingo Customers navigate their way through levels of uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead, This module will provide accurate information in a Dynamic View using a business’s actual and historic data.

This Contingency Planning Module will shave hours, if not days, off the time taken to create financial and commercial models for a business with membership software.  And as more hurdles are set in our path as we move through an unknown period of containment, revised and refined financial and commercial models can be done in seconds, not hours.

We need the Bingo Sector to have safe passage through these troubled waters, and we do not want any casualties.  We therefore believe it’s in our interest to help our customers right now.  And therefore, our newly developed Contingency Planning Module will be uploaded to all our customers’ SMART UI applications as soon as it’s tested, which we hope will be in days.  Furthermore, our SMART UI Bingo Customers will have this product FREE OF CHARGE.  We need our customers as much as our customers need us.  It’s a true two-way street, and one that must flow equally if we are all to come out of this whole.

Tony Eyre – March 2020