WhoshouldIsee Tracks



The latest version of SMART UI has been released.

The changes are:

– added the “exclude mode” icon to Slicer Visuals – this provides for a visual cue if a slicer is in exclude mode (there is also a ‘ToolTip’ if you hover the mouse over the icon)

– added the ability to include the list of criteria in the Excel document generated by the Export option in Dynamic Views – so, when you export the data from an object in a Dynamic View (for example a table) then there is a separate tab in the Excel workbook which holds the criteria used in that export. This will ensure that the data is always understood, even after sharing it in a workbook…..

As always, these will automatically install tonight for our customers on ‘Auto Update’ if you would like these earlier (or you are not set to Auto Update), then just update from with the Administrator section.